One of the easiest ways to acquire a cheaper property is to buy new-build flats on a flat, that is, when the construction is not yet complete or when it is in the process of being built.

Like everything else, buying new-build flats on a plan has its advantages and also its drawbacks, so you can better distinguish between the two, here we leave you the following information:

What benefits do I get when I buy a new flat in plan?

  1. When you buy a new-build flat on a plan, you will be able to open your new home for the first time, which is very important for buyers. In addition, it assures you that all the elements and accessories of the house are totally new as indicate the company barcelona apartments for rent
  2. Since the new-build floor plan installations are newly constructed, the chances of having to invest large amounts of money in damaged pipes, leaks and features that a second-hand floor would need to fix are diminished.
  3. Buying a flat of new work in plane allows the buyer to choose on the quality of the finished ones of the house, for example, it is very common that when buying a flat there are several options of finished and materials that the buyer will be able to choose freely and to acquire a house accommodated and decorated to his taste.
  4. One of the most important advantages, is that when buying a flat of new work in plane the buyer is in the possibility of making changes on the initial plan of the construction, and thus to adapt the house to his taste.
  5. It is cheaper to invest in a new flat on a plan, and it is a great benefit because if the price of the house goes up while building and finishes the work, the buyer is already earning more and will have made an excellent investment.
  6. The form of payment is more flexible if the purchase is made when construction has not yet begun and is only in plans.

Now, we raise some disadvantages of buying new flats off-plan work

  1. The buyer may face certain deadlines or delays, either due to problems of the builder, natural phenomena that delay the construction and completion of the work, among others.
  2. Another disadvantage that would be uncomfortable for the buyer is that at the end of the work, the materials and finishes of the house are not what he expected, so it is good that in the contract with the builder is established each of the materials to use and the details of the finish of the house.

As we have seen before, there are more advantages than obstacles to acquire a new flat in plan, the important thing is always to bear in mind the following: which is the builder that is going to work in the building of the housing, to detail well the materials that are going to be used during the construction, to verify the quality and duration of the same ones, to read and to reread the contract, to establish correctly all the spaces, changes or modifications that the buyer requires for his new housing and to possess a copy of the document or contract. In addition, require a guarantee from the builder.

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