There are certain disadvantages of home addition. Some of them are explained by home addition contractor Walnut Creek.

Unpredictable Resale Price:

Since peripheral costs rise, you can still lose money when you decide to sell the house. In addition, the additional square footage will result in more heating and cooling expenses, more windows and gutters to wash, higher property taxes, and a bigger house to clean.

Even while additions have the potential for higher cost-value ratios than other renovation projects, you could not make back the entire addition’s cost when you sell the house.

Utilizing Additional Property Space:

Building addition will reduce your yard space unless you add a second storey. This space is lost forever after the ground-level house expansion is constructed.

Hold off on the expansion till the kids have grown up, or stop caring about outside play if you have small kids who enjoy playing outside. Unfortunately, as enormous homes engulf lots, the tendency toward smaller and smaller yards is still present.

A backlash against homes and extensions that take up a lot of yard space has prompted calls for zoning and regulatory adjustments in some areas.

Affecting The Value Of Your Home:

Your home may need an addition, but it might also change so much that the value of your property in the area won’t support it.

You run the danger of “over-improving” and not recouping the cost of the addition when it comes time to sell; for instance, if all the homes on your block are 3-bedroom bungalows and you add a second-story addition that increases your bedroom count to 4 or 5.

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Compromising Your Space:

You are infringing on your yard space if you build out. You must be prepared to tolerate a smaller yard once the addition is finished. This can not only make it more difficult for you to enjoy your yard, but it might also lower the value of your house if nearby purchasers demand larger yards. Additionally, you must consult with the neighborhood building inspector to determine if there are any limitations and setbacks when adding a structure to your land.


A home addition might be the perfect answer to your family’s needs, but given the expense and size of such a significant project, you need to think carefully to ensure that you choose wisely.

Consult with a dependable real estate agent before calling your contractor to help you weigh all your options and ensure that your choice won’t negatively affect the price of your current property or your budget.

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