Recent world events have many of us questioning our focus. If you truly love owning a home that you can update and enjoy every working on, do what it takes to own and keep a house. However, if you own a home and find yourself just going through the necessary steps of maintenance, yard work and other chores, an apartment may be the better choice.

Celebrate Convenient Joys

Joining your community pool and paying for a gym can quickly add up. As a member of a community in luxury apartments in downtown Houston, you can have free access to a pool, a rooftop lounge, and a terrific gym. You won’t have to worry about maintaining a gym locker or lugging in a bag. When your workout is over, you can clean up at home.

Many luxury apartments offer terrific views as well. Keep your windows and sliding glass doors free of coverings and clutter so you can enjoy the lights of the city as the sun goes down.


Moving into an apartment will require you to downsize to avoid drowning in your belongings. If at all possible, take a tour and get the dimensions of your new apartment. Walk around your home and make a list of the belongings in each room that you

  • love
  • use each day
  • will take with you

Be ready to use your current possessions creatively; for example, you may have a wonderful chest of drawers that you want to take that won’t fit in your new bedroom with your chosen bed. Your chest of drawers could serve as linen and off-season clothing in any space in your new apartment. If it sits in your new living room and serves as a television stand, you can enjoy it every day!

No Repair Worries!

If you’ve ever worried about roof and weather damage when the weather got wild, you know just how stressful it can be to own a house. Moving into a luxury apartment will not prevent challenging weather events, but it will reduce your need to worry about shingles, flooding or freezing risks.

How to Have a Good Work-Life Balance (Hint: It's Not Just about Time)

You can also lessen your physical workload by moving into an apartment. There are many homes that are ideal for families with children but are not a great choice for aging in place. If you’re an empty nester and are tired of carrying laundry or groceries up and down even a couple of stairs, an apartment may be an ideal choice. By making your move on your schedule until waiting for a critical event, such as a fall, you can protect your health and your future.

Enjoy Community Living

Joining an apartment community can be a wonderful way to raise your spirits after many months of sheltering in place. You may live far from family, or you may have left friends behind for school or your career. Your apartment community could go a long way to boosting your spirits at home.

You can start by meeting up with a neighbor at the rooftop pool. Join with other work-from-home professionals in the business center and take a coffee break together. If you’ve been feeling isolated or growing lonely as a business owner or remote employee, the shared facilities at your apartment community can make connecting easier.

Free Up Your Weekends

Homeownership can be a great joy. It can also mean a lot of chores. Whether you work at home or go to an office, knowing that at least one day on the weekend will be spent on chores can quickly turn your home into a burden instead of a joy.

Houses are generally also larger than most apartments. The urge to fill up a home with furniture and decorative items can quickly turn into a shopping burden. Of course, all of these items will need to be paid for as well.

There are times in our lives when owning a home makes sense. If you are at a point in your life when owning a home is drudgery or just a chore, downsizing to an apartment could be extremely beneficial.


Steffy Alen

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