mini-excavator hire rentals

A mini-excavator as the name suggests is a compact tracked or wheeled excavator that takes weighs from 8.5 tons down to 0.7 tons. It is the best machine to have for the required level of workability in confined spaces. Although these excavators are compact and lightweight they are remarkably versatile. Their high power-to-weight ratio allows can do wonders even in the tightest spots. That’s why these machines have become popular in the cost-conscious building trade and other similar sectors.

They have a small footprint but they are big and spacious from the inside. Their comfortable cab and easily accessible controls are the reasons why a lot of operators just love to be in there. Their outstanding and powerful engine delivers performance coupled with stability in confined areas.

Whether you’re a contractor who needs to expand the business to new horizons of your excavator rental service, these mini-excavator hire rentals will boost up your profits. They will not only reduce your operating costs but can also lower training costs. With no major access issues, they are versatile and can improve profitability through lower costs. Due to better operational efficiency on the site, they can provide high value in onsite performance across all types of works.

Now let’s explore what are some of the projects in which mini-excavators are capable of helping your businesses.

Small Scale Excavation Projects

This seems rather an obvious application of a mini-excavator. You may have been dreaming about your favorite pool in the backyard but because a standard excavator will not fit in. But those days are gone now you can undertake such DIY projects very easily with a mini-excavator. You can do trenching, minor landscaping, building pads, and foundation with a mini-excavator.

Small Demolition Projects

With the versatility of a mini-excavator hire, the demolition projects are now the easiest to handle. Be it removal of a concrete patio or a small concrete water feature, hydraulic rammer and breakers can be attached with a mini-excavator to get rid of it.

Installation or Repair of a Utility Line

Another great use of this machine is when you need to repair or install a utility line in close and confined spaces. With its precise excavation output, it can make perfect trenches and is easier to use as compared with the standard type.

Boundary Installation

Yes, fence installation is a very interesting DIY project except for the digging part. But with a mini-excavator, you can easily dig holes for fences and can create walls as you like.

Landscaping Projects

Mini-excavators have just revolutionized the landscaping industry. Their small and compact footprint allows you to easily maneuver around a limited space and are flexible enough to level and spread soil. With a series of attachments, you can do a lot of groundwork without having to worry about transport.

Snow Removal

Although mini-excavators are compact there stability is pretty awesome. You can use them easily in cold harsh weathers for clearing off snow out of the yard or the road.

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