There are many types of storage shelf platforms, but the most commonly used is the steel shelf platform. The main function of the steel shelf platform is to increase the storage and use space of the warehouse and improve the utilization rate. Today, when land and rent prices are getting more and more expensive, the steel shelf platform has solved the problem of storing more goods in limited space for many companies. Usually, a two-story or three-story steel structure platform is built on the existing workshop or warehouse site, and the original use space is changed from one floor to two or three floors to avoid space waste.

Steel shelf platform, also known as steel platform, steel structure platform, steel working platform, etc. The structure of the steel platform is relatively simple, mainly composed of columns, main beams, secondary beams, floor panels, stairs and guardrails. It is generally a fully assembled structure, without on-site welding, simple and convenient installation, and the load-bearing capacity is generally designed to be 300KG-1500KG per square meter.


What are the main advantages of the steel shelf platform?

  1. The steel structure has light weight, high strength, good rigidity, so it is strong and durable, and has a long service life. It is particularly suitable for building ultra-high, ultra-heavy, and large-span storage platforms. Moreover, it is easy to assemble, install and disassemble. There is no pressure to relocate and disassemble, which reduces the economic burden. Moreover, it is easy to construct, without pre-embedding and without damaging the ground.
  2. The steel platform can be customized according to the size of the site space, making it more convenient and reasonable to use. Moreover, the construction cycle is fast. After the design plan is determined, the processing and installation can be completed within one month.
  3. The steel structure platform can also be used as an office area, which does not affect the original production space. It is simpler and more economical than making a mezzanine.
  4. The floor panel selection is more diversified. Different floor panels can be selected according to needs to meet the requirements of fire protection, dust prevention or small parts falling prevention.
  5. The structure is simple, the color is optional, simple and beautiful.

When designing the steel platform, it should be noted that the column spacing is usually within 4-6m, the first floor is about 3m high, and the second and third floors are about 2.5m high, which meets the requirements of process production operations and ensures the clearance for passage and operation. The general clearance height should not be less than 1.8M, and protective railings should generally be set around the platform. The height of the railings is generally 1M.

Of course, the design of the steel shelf platform must be carried out according to the needs of the owner and the requirements of goods storage. Steel structure platforms are not completely uniform standardized products, so depending on different load-bearing requirements, material selection, different numbers of layers, and different usage scenarios such as office steel platforms, production workshop steel platforms, warehousing and logistics steel platforms, large equipment steel platforms, etc., the design and materials will be very different, and the prices will also be different.

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