Success in online business is all about getting the right people to the right website. you want a focused traffic coming to your sales page to buy. if your sells page sells an eBook on online business you can get traffic to that page and try to hard sell to those people, or you can try to attract people that already want to buy a home business eBook to your website.

Any internet marketer worth their salt is already doing some form of keyword research. And it’s true that keyword research will get you stable traffic in the long run. Especially if you are aiming your whole site in a singular direction or a focused theme.

But there is a way to get more sales by simply doing what you are already doing. Researching buyer keywords will still drive traffic to your site, but these people have buy written all over their foreheads.

A buyer keyword is a keyword or long tail keyword phrase that is searched by a person who is already in a buying mode. By optimising your articles for these buyer keywords you are taking a lot of the marketing work necessary for them to buy an online eBook out of the equation. It’s almost a match made in heaven; you want to sell your great business manual and they want to buy your home based business manual.

Let’s have a look at the following keyword phrases as examples:

* buy business eBook
* buy home business eBook
* cheap eBook on home busines
* eBook for starting a business online

When a person searches long tail keywords like these they are obviously already in the mood to buy a business eBook or buy a home business ebook. Just by looking at these keyword phrases you can tell that this person is talking about an action and not just casually browsing around. It will be worth your while to catch this person before they buy that eBook from some other website.

And that’s the thing with these buyer keywords; the ¬†you get from them is in a completely different mindset. People that that are ready to commit to a sale talk and search differently to people doing research or just surfing the web for entertainment. Talk to the buyers and will get traffic . Traffic that will get you stuff sold.

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