Toluca, Mexico


Formally known as “Toluca de Lerdo,” Toluca is a city in Mexico, which is also known as the state capital of Mexico State. Over the years, Toluca has been noted to be one of the increasingly developing and growing cities in Mexico, and is also the fifth largest city within the country. Located approximately 63 kilometers away from Mexico City, Toluca can easily be reached via car or bus. Though most of the transportation towards Toluca can be done on land, this has not stopped numerous guests from visiting the area and enjoying the rich culture that Toluca has.

Things To Do

Being one of the most prosperous cities in Mexico, Toluca has a number of attractions and activities that has caught the attention of people all over the world. Those who have gone out of their way to visit Toluca will be pleased to know that there are a lot of things that guests can do during their visit. The busiest day in Toluca would have to be Fridays when the streets become crowded as the flea market comes alive with various wares and goods for buyers. This is an excellent time for guests to explore local products if they wish to go shopping for souvenirs, trinkets, and more. Strolling around Toluca is possible, although most are advised to make sure that proper sun gear is worn to prevent guests from suffering from heat stroke or other maladies. Guests may also check out local parks such as Los Dinamos or enjoy Six Flags Mexico, a modern amusement park. Book your Toluca Hotels with

Exploring The City

Adventurous folk will get a kick out of exploring Toluca as much of the city can be navigated on foot. This is an excellent way for guests to check out the local scene or enjoy the many shops that may be missed if travelling via cars or buses. Another option for guests to enjoy when exploring the city is by using rental cars. During these instances, guests may be spared from the heat of the Mexican sun as most cars for rent have excellent cooling systems that are a welcome change for some people.

Fast Facts

  • Toluca is one of twelve municipalities that make up the metropolitan group that reaches over 1 million residents.
  • The city is known for being among the top five municipalities in Mexico that has the highest population.
  • During the pre-Columbian era, Toluca valley was previously called “Matlatzinco valley”, especially during ancient times. During those years, there exist four linguistic groups that include Nahua, Otomimc, Matlatzinca, and Mazahua people.
  • A tree that was planted sometime before the Spanish Conquest is now the location of the Nuestra Senora del Carmen, a monastery.

Best Dining Spots

Toluca knows how to show its guests a good time by providing numerous restaurants and dining options during their stay. One of the best restaurants is the restaurant at Best Western Campanario. The restaurant offers guests with a wide array of cuisine that is not only Mexican but American as well. Another local favorite is the El Risco, which provides guests with dishes to try that is often leaning towards Mexican flavors. Another eatery that guests may want to check out is the Nortesur restaurant that boasts of having dishes with excellent attention to details and service.

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