Kitchen is the place where home makers spend an average of 3 hours per day, and is certainly one of the most frequented rooms in the house. It is estimated that kitchen cabinets, drawers,and other pull-outs are opened approximately 12 times a day, and the refrigerator being opened a minimum of 30times in a day! When it comes to injuries, the kitchen comes right next after the bathroom. Which makes it all the more important to have a well designed modular kitchen. To help you complete your chores comfortably and in time, your modular kitchen should have an optimum layout.  In this article, we will tell you about the different types of modular kitchens.

Straight Line Modular Kitchen

Perfect in layout for compact kitchen spaces, straight line modular kitchens are also called one-wall kitchens. As the name implies, these type of modular kitchens occupy only one straight wall and comprise of a single liner counter with base and wall cabinets. This kitchen type is small families which have limited requirements. You should ensure that the length of the counter is not more than 10-12 feet as it will make moving up and down quite tiresome. Experience the true luxury living at uk luxecity kandivali

Shaped Modular Kitchen

This modular kitchen layout is most popular with Indian home makers and offers the perfect combination of practical functionality and good storage space. Ideal for homes which have an open floor plan, this layout works best for corner kitchens and facilitates versatile spaces for conveniently positioning the different kitchen zones. However, this layout should not be implemented in a very large kitchen as it can make navigation time-consuming and a bit difficult.

Shaped Modular Kitchen

Also known as the horseshoe kitchen, this layout has the overhead, countertop and base cabinets running along three adjacent walls. When planned and implemented perfectly, this layout minimises the walking around between the appliances and cabinets. This layout is ideal for big families where two or more people simultaneously use the kitchen. A downside of this layout is that, since it involves creating a lot of cabinets, your kitchen budget will increase.

Different Types of Modular Kitchens - Pros and cons

Parallel Modular Kitchen

Wouldn’t is be amazing to have endless counter space on either side of the kitchen? This modular kitchen layout makes it possible, where two long counters run parallel to each other, giving ample space in between to users for easy movement and also creating multiple storage options. For maximum efficiency, you should place the sink and cooktop on opposite counters. However do keep in mind that this space can get crowded if the space in-between the counters is less or too many persons are using the kitchen at one time. World class modern amenities at uk luxecity kandivali east.

Island Modular Kitchen

In this kitchen layout, you get an additional countertop placed right in the middle of the kitchen, which provides additional storage space and also doubles up a as a mini dining area which can be a huge hit with the kids. You should ensure that there is a minimum space of 5 feet between the two counters and the island counter. However, if not utilised intelligently, the island area can quickly become dead space.

Peninsula Modular Kitchen

This type of modular kitchen features a countertop attached to one side of the kitchen entrance and creates a seating area where two people can comfortably have breakfast on the go. This layout also creates additional space and acts as a room divider. The downside of this layout is that it can potentially foot traffic blockages as it narrows the kitchen entrance, and restrict access to corner storage units as it juts out of the wall.

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