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St. George, a county seat of Washington County is the largest city in southern part of Utah, with a population approx. 60,000. St. George has become not only the popular tourist destination & gateway to surrounding dramatic scenery. The place has also become increasingly popular to relocate or retire to. The outdoors is never far away in St. George & the whole area has become a mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The town is recognized as the ‘Year Round Golf Capital of Utah’ & boasts around a dozen excellent golf courses where it is difficult not to be distracted by surrounding scenery.

Water sports & fishing can be found at several nearby lakes, while camping & hiking can be enjoyed in several nearby forests. A little bit further afield are facilities of Lake Mead & Lake Powell. St. George even has the 25 mile system of trails which runs via the town & surrounding areas – many boasting facilities like restrooms & shelters. St. George lies at the elevation of almost 3000 feet ensuring the excellent climate year round – making it possible to play numerous sports even during winter months. Summer temperatures average around 100 degrees – and even in winter average temperature reaches 55 degrees. The area enjoys 300 days of sunshine each year. All you need to do look for the best ways in which the person can look for the best online site to look for house in utah.

Why is it Best to Live in Utah Homes?

Utah has always been a choice for future home destinations because of its wide variety of choices of cities. There are lots of houses for sale in the state which can cater the needs of individuals from different walks of life. Those who are comfortable with fast-pace city life are catered by urban communities of Salt Lake City & St. George. Those who wanted a slower pace of life but still close to suburban scene are accommodated by communities of Bountiful and Sandy. On the other hand, those who wish to live in a more rural area are best at Mapleton & West Valley. There are lots of reasons why St. George homes has been a preference for many. To picture this, here are the top 3 benefits why it is best to live in homes in St. George Utah


Utah’s culture & community is centered on home & family life. People in Utah regard family as the most significant component of society which is why various programs & activities are supported by the State for improving family life & preventing domestic problems. They are very inclined with participating in neighborhood to improve friendship, avoid violence, & support community’s growth. Their culture also actively supports arts in magnifying the joyous lifestyle.


Families who wish to move in Utah would certainly not have the hard time looking for jobs. Utah’s livelihood is dynamic & focused on mining, salt production, cattle ranching, government services, & petroleum production. According to State New Economy Index, Utah is ranked as top state in the nation for Economic Dynamism.


Tourism is the major industry in Utah which is popular for its outdoor & recreational activities. There are biking trails, hiking areas, safari parks & other tourist attractions which are enjoyed by both the local community & vacationers. These would not only attract more and more visitors for economic growth but also foster the family & neighborhood activities to enhance relationships. There are seven national monuments, five national parks, two national recreation areas, and six national forests.

And, if you enjoy the climate, amenities, & lifestyle of St. George – you are not alone. Washington County has actually become one of the fastest growing counties in the country in recent years – growing by an amazing 50%. Today, around 145,000 individuals call the area home. Several respected organizations which include AARP & Money magazine have rated the St. George area as one of the best places in the country to retire. And, as far as the homes appreciating in value – the greater St. George area was number one in home appreciation. With a very supportive home builder in St. George Utah, friendly neighborhood, mesmerizing tourist attractions, & prevailing growth of the economy, it is not anymore surprising why Utah real estate is booming. Certainly, there is no place to find a home like in St. George Utah. If you are planning to relocate to Utah – housing is plentiful & affordable here. The average home costs around $180,000 – & homes range from older single family homes & condominiums to new luxury developments in the area. The housing market in Washington County & other counties in southern Utah has been described as ‘hot’ and properties here tend to appreciate in value. So, whether you are visiting for pleasure or business – welcome to Dixie, as this part of St. George, Utah is well known.

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