Through my daily activities I am connected with a few industries – real estate, home, online, PR, events, marketing and communications. I like very much the RE because is a very complex domain and you have to be very creative no matter if you are a developer, an agent or consultant for different topics of this domain.

The core principles of RE are the same all over the world but there are many differences in how this business is organised in different countries due to legal, cultural and other specific particularities. But if you can rent a warehouse in UK you can do it in Asia, US or Australia after you take in consideration the market specific requests.

Plus, the RE know-how, once you get it and develop it through training and experience, will be yours for life. Look at the biggest entrepreneurs or moguls from different industries. Most of them have a small or bigger RE division, because sometimes this division is the builder of the head office, or owns the company’s warehouses or … there are many possibilities here.

If you consider starting a new job in real estate or starting to invest in real estate properties, this is the best moment.

Why is a good moment to start a new job in real estate or even to found a real estate company?

1. Due to the downturn, many people left this domain, but due to the fact that real estate transactions can be made even in war periods, there are many opportunities for dedicated people with fresh ideas;

2. In this period you will be able to start a real estate franchise at a discounted price or with preferential payment conditions compared with the boom period;

3. Even the training companies offer incentives and discounts for new clients. Try to gain the best knowledge in real estate and read a lot of information to be able to be with one step ahead of competition.

Why is the best moment to invest in real estate properties?

1. If you have cash, or access to long term mortgage loans now you can buy at extremely good prices. Search for opportunities in your area, check the bulletin of distressed assets, and don’t forget that cash is the king when starting to negotiate;

2. If you have access to resources you can become partner with somebody who is out of cash and have an unfinished project. This way, instead of buying something and have a small pie you can have a slice from a big cake;

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