East Tower in New Capital of Egypt, is known for being within one of the most strategic places within the New Administrative Capital, as it’s located within the biggest commercial area in Mu7 between R2 and R3 areas and within CN-08, which will make East Tower very visible for the bystanders, and will attract them to visit it.

The mall of East Tower is developed by UC Developments company which is known for its good reputation, professionalism and their creativity on creating new designs.

Here in this article, we will mention the most important elements that will attract investors:

East Tower Prices

East Tower prices are considered very competitive in terms of location, size and provided services.

There is also an installment system that makes things easier for those who want to buy commercial units within the mall in longer periods of time. These prices are divided into the following:

  • The prices in East Tower New Capital is divided into 3 categories, Administrative, Hotel Apartments and Commercial Prices.
  • As for the Hotel Apartment prices it starts from 55,000 EGP per meter and the units there are delivered fully furnished and also equipped with Air Conditioners
  • Regarding the administrative units within East tower, the prices start from 40,000 EGP and some units are also fully furnished, or they can be furnished as per request.
  • The Commercial unit’s in

East Tower of UC Developments’ Services

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UC Developments Company, has provided multiple facilities and services to make a mall with the highest standards within the New Administrative Capital, for this reason the presented the following

  • The building is using the same technology that was used by Burj Khalifa and it is called “Mass Dumpers”, this technology is responsible to resist earthquakes in the best possible manner.
  • The floors of East Tower’s restaurant are made from glass to allow special panoramic view over the New Administrative Capital, which is implemented for the first time in Egypt by UC Development.
  • There are fountains in almost every floor of the tower, also there are a lot of green areas that emerges a nature characteristic within the building.
  • East Tower New Capital is also supported by a system that finds any issues or anything that need maintenance within the building.
  • A fire protection system in East Tower for firefighting and preventing the spread of fire through gas capsules that launches carbon dioxide gas to put of the fire.

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