New residents or visitors should be familiar with information before migrating to Houston. Houston is the 4th largest city in terms of population. It is a bustling city with a vast selection of sports teams, cinemas, horse riding, and other activities.

It is famous for its cultural diversity and heritage that attracts tourists.  However, Houston is the main staple for drug trafficking because of its closeness to major exporting nations and the existence of networks. Gang conflict and human trafficking are some factors contributing to crime in Houston. Therefore, it ranks third in the list of crime rates in the United States.

We have gathered some risks of Houston, dangerous neighborhoods, and precautionary tips to keep you safe in this city. All of which will help you to know safe places to live in Houston.

Risks and Dangers in Houston TX

Houston has several risks for its residents and tourists. Some risks are:

Risk#1: Transport and Travel Risk: Metro transport system of Houston includes rail and bus services. There are over 2200 cabs and many ridesharing vehicles available. You can find a rental car. Consider it a medium risk, given the various dangers associated with it.

Risk#2: Hurricane and Other Disaster Risk: Houston is at medium risk, with flash flooding rankings among its largest problems. Hurricane season may be disastrous for this area. It’s also possible to experience powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Risk#3: Online Fraud Risks: There is a list of typical scams on the municipal website. They don’t target tourists directly. You should know the possibility. In Houston, you cannot rely on anyone approaching and claiming to be needy or trying to persuade you to buy something.

Dangerous Neighborhoods of Houston to Avoid

Although the list is long, we have mentioned the most dangerous neighborhoods to avoid:

To Avoid #1: North Houston: It currently has 54 percent higher crime rates than the country. Compared to the national average, the violent crime rate in the North is 164% higher. There is a 1 in 26 probability that you will experience criminal activity if you decide to live in these places. 14% of Texas cities are safer than the North.

To Avoid #2: Sunny Side: Sunnyside is the deadliest neighborhood in Houston and the 6th most violent in the United States. It is located south of downtown Houston. Violent crimes are terrible, and there is a 1 in 11 probability that one local would become a victim. Sunnyside has a violent crime rate of 91.27 per 1,000 people.

To Avoid #3: Main Street and Murworth Drive: Main Street and Murworth Drive is a notoriously underprivileged and criminally active neighborhood. South Main Street, Kirby Drive, and the South Loop West Freeway are present in their surroundings. Residents’ average incomes are below the city average. So, violent and property crimes are prevalent, and property values are poor. In response, the local schools are among the lowest-performing ones in the area.

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Safety Tips to Visit Houston

If you’re a visitor or new to Houston, follow these tips to stay safe.

Tip#1: monitor your surroundings and stay focused.

Tip#2: Go to well-lit, familiar places.

Tip#3: Avoid carrying too much cash.

Tip#4: Resist chatting with people you don’t know on the street.

Tip#5: Don’t stand to look and praise for long-time frequently

Tip#6: Don’t divulge any personal information to a stranger.

Tip#7: Know where and how to contact emergency services.

Tip#8: Try to act like a native, even if you are a tourist.


Everyone has experiences with every place, but Houston is labeled dangerous because of the higher crime rate. People still live here and love it. Some are moving to it because of job opportunities and affordability. You can keep yourself safe by following precautionary measures and staying away from neighborhoods.

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