Different Types of Commercial Doors

Similarly, as the name suggests, commercial doors are used for business or commercial purposes, which means that they should be reinforced and more durable than residential ones.

You can generally find them in numerous areas, including schools, manufacturing units, office buildings, hospitals, stores, and commercial premises such as factories and plants.

It is essential to remember that most of them feature an additional layer of durability than other options you can find on the market.

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At the same time, they can easily withstand different degrees of wear and tear and extreme climate changes and weather conditions.

It is essential to understand the different options you can get before you decide.

Roll-Up Doors

You should know that roll-up doors tend to feature aluminum, stainless, or galvanized steel that rolls up by using the overhead coil. You can find numerous institutions and industrial, commercial settings that feature this particular type of entry point.

They are perfect security against potential B&E, especially since they come from reinforced materials that will stand the test of time. Apart from that, they will offer you excellent protection against harsh weather conditions.

Keep in mind that these doors can come in different designs, sizes, shapes, colors, and configurations. You can easily customize them based on your specifications by implementing numerous treatments, finishes, and many more.

One of the most popular options that you can find on the market includes insulated roll-up doors that can protect your building from illegal entry, elements and make it more energy-efficient than before.

Fire-Rated Doors

Suppose you own commercial premises, which are constantly exposed to hazardous chemicals, injurious petrol and other materials. In that case, we recommend you find fire-rated doors that will reduce the chances of potential hazards and problems in the future.

Generally, they come from fire-defiant materials to prevent them from bursting all across the building. Besides, it will provide you peace of mind if you work with hazardous materials, mostly since you can protect your employees along the way.

Keep in mind that most commercial buildings with inappropriate materials tend to use this particular door type as the standard for safety precaution. In some states, you will need to install them as a mandatory safety standard.

Scissors Gate

Apart from the idea that they will help you protect storefronts and other problems, you should know that you could employ them to close a particular area within your business premises for additional safeguarding.

This will allow you to leave the roll-up doors open while implementing this particular gate only for authorized personnel who can enter your property. In most cases, they come from high-end steel that will significantly protect you compared with other materials and types.

That is why most commercial buildings and establishments, including banks and lending firms, tend to use them.

Overhead Doors

You have probably noticed one of the most common options for commercial entrances on the market. They are perfectly suitable for garages and warehouse sheds, among other places.

Generally, you can use them as space savers because you do not need to roll them upward and think about the area around them.

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Why Should You Find Professionals for Commercial Door Repair and Installation?


We have to start by saying that commercial doors can help you boost your business premises’ overall security, which is an essential consideration to remember.

Of course, you also have to follow particular standards before making up your mind, especially if you are working within industries that operate with hazardous materials.

In case you have noticed signs of wear and tear, it means that you should find someone who can help you repair or replace them altogether.

However, the worst thing you can do is think that you can do everything by yourself to reduce the expenses in the long run. Things are entirely different because you may save a few pounds but create havoc and security issues for your business.

Therefore, here’s a list of why you might reconsider choosing to do it on your own and why seeking professionals might be a better option:

  • It is Not That Simple – Handling a small repair is a small task, but handling an entire installation process is entirely different, and you need to think everything through. Of course, the practice can be highly problematic, mostly if you have not done it before and just read a few guidelines. You will need to use proper machinery, parts, and tools that you do not own and have never used beforehand. Finally, you will end up with lousy security, which is the worst thing that can happen to your business in general.
  • You Will Need Proper Equipment – In the previous paragraph, we have mentioned that you need special equipment and tools to handle the entire process, and you will not be able to access them unless you have a proper license. These tools will help you manage every single step appropriately. The main idea is that you will need to invest a large amount in purchasing equipment that you will never use again, which you should avoid altogether. Instead, you can find commercial door services in your area that can do it for you.
  • Higher Chances of Mistakes – If you wish to handle DIY commercial installation, you will end up making costly and severe mistakes unless you follow each step on the way. Even if you follow everything, you may error because you do not have the same experience levels as professional contractors. At the same time, the errors may cause potential delays in your production processes, which will lead to expensive downtime. That is the main reason why you should leave it to professionals.
  • Reduce the Chances of Injury – Remember that door installation is not a simple task, which means that you are putting yourself and others at risk. When you find an expert, you can rest assured because they will use comprehensive knowledge and training to deal with every single aspect smoothly and without any additional hassle.

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